Saturday, 27 June 2009

Aviation parts

I consider myself lucky. So far, and it is almost complete, the Annual on the 182 has only revealed the need for a small number of out-of-the-ordinary parts. There's a cracked blade aerial that I'm changing in an attempt to bring the DME back to life (it's a Narco unit, so I'm not hopeful), the brass plug in the carburettor bowl needs changing as we had to wreck the old one to get it out, and the top hinge on the pilot's door was well and truly broken. This was concerning, not because I thought the door might fall off, I didn't, but because I was sure that it would take a while to get one shipped from the US and I need to fly to Dublin on Wednesday. Luckily, thanks to a friend in the industry, I managed to find a hinge that was surplus to requirements in stock in the UK. It arrived through the post less than 24 hours after I handed over my credit card details. The hinge (which is actually only half of the hinge) is priced at about $200. Wentworth, a good source for used parts quoted $125 for a hinge, but in the end I struck a deal with Cormack Aircraft Services that suited us both. If there's no other snags, the Annual should be complete by Tuesday morning. Famous last words?

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