Friday, 26 June 2009

Grey skies

I should have known. The tennis players have enjoyed four full days of play at Wimble -don and the crowds are heading for Glastonbury. It must mean rain, and lots of it. The plan for today included six flights, all of them in or through the bands of heavy rain and predicted storms. One of the flights was an air-to-air photo shoot, and unless you are looking for a low contrast moody shot, then sunshine is the thing that's needed. I looked for a glimour of hope in the TAFs, but I could see the day being spent in various airfield cafes waiting for the weather to clear and the sun to shine. For once the time pressure is not stupid (ie this one is not needed by now), so I took the decision to pull the plug early and wait for an altogether nicer day. Anyone want to bet that it will be raining next Tuesday?

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