Friday, 12 June 2009

ELA1 Permits

The AT4 looks like being the latest aeroplane to be sold in the UK with an expiring Permit to Fly. It is likely that the Evektor SportStar and the CZAW Sport Cruiser will also be available, ready built with the same permit. The CTLS and the Remos G3 are already here, flying and on sale under the same scheme.

The scheme goes something like this... we are due to get the final set of ELA1 rules soon. This will simplify certification for aircrfat in that category. EASA has apparently taken a look at the above mentioned aircraft and fully expects them to be certified as ELA1 aircraft. In the meantime, ahead of the rules being finialised and coming into force, the aircraft can fly on a Permit to Fly.

Assuming that the rules get finalised and the aircraft get approved, then each Permit will become a full Certificate of Airworthiness (and will become subject to maintenance under EASA's Part M).

This course means that if you buy one of these machines now you could be getting the aircraft that you want ahead of time. It also means that if there are any delays or changes, once that Permit to Fly runs out, you will be left with an aeroplane and no way of flying it. Although that is a possibility, I agree that it is not very likely, but stranger things have happened.

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