Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A few Tunisian numbers

I'm busy writing up the trip for the magazine, but in the meatime here are a few numbers. We flew for 26.1 hours and landed at nine different airfields (five in France, four in Tunisia) over twelve days. The total distance covered was 3,036nm. Of the ten legs, the one from Clermont Ferrand to Calvi saw the highest ground speed of 131kt, pretty good considering it involved a climb to FL100. The leg from Djerba to Monastir was the slowest with a ground speed of 99kt. The entire trip averaged 116kt. The cheapest fuel was in Clermont Ferrand at just over €1.50 and the most expensive was the 100LL supplied by the Tunisian military at €3.20. they were the refuellers at every airfield (avgas is otherwise unavailable in Tunisia).

For a few pictures, click here

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