Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Striping delight

I had to go to Ludlow today and really didn't fancy spending at least five hours in the car, or even longer on the train. With great weather forecast it seemed logical to fly, but of course who's ever heard of Ludlow airport? A quick look at Navbox revealed a couple of options. Shobden offered the traditional GA airport experience, while Milson Airstrip offered the more rural, farm strip option. I called Chris Jones for PPR and booked a taxi to pick me up from the strip.

Milson Airtrip runs north-south (17/35 to be precise) and has a slight upslope that makes it a one-way-in, one-way-out strip unless the wind is really strong. There's 450m of nice grass, so while not very short, it does need some respect with regards to approach speeds. Come in 10 knots too fast here and touch down too late and you'll be needing all of the upslope and some heavy braking to avoid embarassment, particularly if you have a heavy aeroplane with a decent amount of inertia.

The landing fee at Milson is a measly £2, a bargain for such a great facility.

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