Saturday, 20 June 2009

Airstrip life

There are three us who share this strip. Nigel, the strip owner has a monowheel Europa, Tony has a Rotax powered ARV and I have the trusty C182.
It's a great strip and Nigel has put in huge amounts of work, not only to get it in great condition, but to be good neighbours with anyone living locally. Each summer there's a small fly-in and free BBQ and local residents are invited along and offered a flight. We all work very hard to reduce any aircraft noise, and always take the time to stop and chat. So far, fingers crossed, this seems to be making for a peaceful life for all involved and long may it continue.

One of the regular tasks is the mowing. In theory the three of us take turns, but I've popped over a few times only to find the runway freshly cut, so I was actually quite happy to find it uncut this morning so that I could take my turn. The tractor with mower attached lives on a local farm where Richard the farmer provides tractor and land wisdom. He loves flying, and as a consequence when taking off on 26 we rurn right over his house avoiding a static home park. It takes about an hour to cut the strip, and on a nice summer's evening it's much more a pleasure than a chore.

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