Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tecnam retracts twin

OK, not really - but in one way or another it was the talk of the show yesterday. Initially that's because it hasn't been seen in the UK before, and as a new economical twin (it is powered by a couple of 100hp Rotax 912s engines) it's got many people checking their bank accounts to see if there's a spare £300k or so they'd forgotten about. It continued to be talked about, in the trade at least, because there are rumours that there's going to be a new dealer. The 'old' dealer, Nick Marley (also the man behind Yeoman Light Aircraft Company, wasn't at the show.
Jamais deux sans trois as they say in France, so the next big talking point happened when the nose-gear collapsed with Flyer writer Nick Lambert sitting in the cockpit. Luckily Nick had touched nothing, as confirmed by someone from Tecnam, but it gained a fair bit of interest and a temporary wooden trestle to boot.

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