Tuesday, 23 June 2009


OK, not a huge connection with aviation, but I'm sure I'll find one. I was given a pair of tennis tickets for Father's day - they were for day 1, court 1 at Wimbledon. I spent the day there with my younger daughter who's 17.

I've been to Wimbledon a couple of times before and really enjoy the atmosphere and of course the tennis. This year both lived up to expectations and we watched Sharapova beat Kutozova in two sets, and wildcard Ward go out to Fernando Verdasco. One benefit of getting a ticket to one of the early days of the tournament is that there is just so much tennis going on all over the place. Find a seat by one of the outside courts (there's no reserved seating for many of these) and you really are close to the action. Most of the people playing will have unpronounceable names that you wouldn't have heard of, but their skill leaves you in no doubt that this is tennis of the highest level. If I even managed to return a serve it would be by accident. All in all a fantastic day out.

Ah yes, that aviation connection. Wimbledon as you can imagine has a bit of a captive audience and if you are not prepared enough to take your own food and drink into the grounds you offer yourself up for some good old fashioned gouging and the Americans would say. Parking? £25 please, sandwich? £4.10 please, small bottle of water? £2 please - and that makes it almost 300% dearer than avgas per litre, and I know which is more fun to consume.

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