Monday, 29 June 2009

The year in numbers

The Annual is nearly complete and I've been making sure that the logs are all up to date. Over the last twelve months the 182 has flown 127 hours, not a huge amount for an aircraft, but probably a little higher than the average for a single owner SEP. Of course, the trouble with low annual usage numbers is that the fixed costs - things like insurance, parking or hangarage, trust agreements and fixed maintenance (ie the Annual) work out quite high per hour. Putting all of these together for 'EW it works out that I'm paying roughly £35 an hour to cover the fixed costs. On top of that there's obviously fuel and oil to be added (about £65 at today's prices), so roughly speaking the 182 comes in at about £100 an hour. That compares very favourably with hire costs; the average for a C182 is about £175/hr. There are advantages to renting, the main one being that it doesn't tie up chunks of capital, but a renter also has the luxury of handing the aeroplane back at the end of the day, regardless of any mechanical issues, to get fixed at someone else's cost. But the rental aeroplane may not be available when you want it, you may have to have it back by a certain time, and you will quite probably find it difficult to take away for a week or so.

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