Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Electric aeroplanes coming to Oshkosh

It seems that one of the emerging themes of this year's AirVenture is the advent of electrically-powered flight.

Shown here is a Flightstar e-Spyder, an ultralight fitted with a Yuneec electric motor and battery pack. This development airframe (lightened to make useful load available for the battery pack) will be flying during AirVenture in the Ultralight park.

With the current battery package powering the 20 kilowatt motor the e-Spyder has a duration of about 40 minutes. A full recharge takes about three hours.

Update: Yuneec's e430 continues testing in California with the aim of gaining experimental exhibition certification so that it can fly at Oshkosh. Yuneec's website can be found here.

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