Thursday, 16 July 2009

Flying in to Le Touquet's new restaurant

l'Escale at the airport is no more, long live l'Escale. The old owners sold up and the people behind Richochet (a great little restaurant in town) have taken over. They had to keep the name, but apparently spent €1,000,000 on the refurbishment. It's been open for a week or so, and today we gave it a try. There's a more detailed report here, but the food was average at best and the service terrible.

There are so many restaurants close by, that these guys are going to have to improve pretty quickly if they are to prosper, or even survive.

Well, you asked for more details...

  • We waited to be seated, but were ignored. One other couple (like us without a reservation) arrived five minutes after us but were seated before we were even spoken to.
  • Once seated it took ages for our drinks order to be taken. There was no bottled water available.
  • Our main courses initially arrived before our starters.
  • When the starters finally arrived one of the orders was wrong. They did offer to change it but having waited so long for the food I wasn't about to let it out of my sight.
  • When the mains arrived again two of the dishes were wrong.
  • I strongly suspect that the correct mains were made from ingredients that were previously presented as the incorrect dishes.
  • The bill was wrong (three diners being charged for four meals).

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