Sunday, 26 July 2009

Life in Economy

Today was a travel day. To be fair to Virgin, the economy seats in their A340 aren't that bad. Ian Quinn tried out Premium Economy, and I had a minor concern when I thought that my bag hadn't made the flight, but all's well that ends well... so to summarise the day.
  • An hour-and-a-half to drive to Heathrow
  • A couple of hours to get stressed by the experience of T3
  • Eight hours in the aeroplane
  • About an hour to get through immigration, baggage reclaim and Customs
  • What seemed like an hour standing in the queue for the hire car
  • An hour or so to enjoy Chicago's traffic
Chicago seems to be a great city with a really nice atmosphere. We had a local beer or three and a bite to eat in a decent nearby bar. Tomorrow we're planning to have a quick look at what was once Meigs Field before Mayor Daley bulldozed it under cover of darkness in 2003. Right now my watch is telling me it's 9.00pm, but my body knows that it's 3.00am.

'night zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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