Monday, 27 July 2009

New engines, new fuel

Continental kicked off the stream of press conferences yesterday by announcing several engine developments. For starters, they'd flown to the event in a Cirrus SR22 turbo running on 94UL, an avgas replacement they're backing. The set-up has accumulated 20 flight test hours so far with promising results.

Continental's PowerLink (so far standard equipment on the Liberty XL2 and a retrofit option for the IO-550N found in Cirrus SR22 aircraft) is set to play a larger part in Continental's future, particulary when avgas is replaced by something else (and TCM - Teledyne Continental Motors - is backing 94UL). There are two further developments of PowerLink in prospect, one a basic configuration that will be aimed at the retrofit and lighter end of the market where cost is a significant factor, and another that will deliver all of the FADEC advantages including analytics, but with a lower weight penalty.

The SR22 Turbo may be a big seller, but the people at Cirrus are bolting on a turbonormalising system, developed and manufactured by the highly respected guys at Tornado Alley, to the stock IO-550N. In an effort to win back some business, TCM has certified their FADEC system on their TSIOF-550, which now delivers 350hp at FL220. They're working closely with OEMs to deliver this engine and intend to make it available as a retrofit or replacement fit for existing SR22 Turbo owners.
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