Saturday, 18 July 2009

AirVenture rumours

The big 'O' is just over a week away and a few rumours are breaking cover. Product development gets hit hard in these tough times, but companies need something to sell, and any development engineers who still have their jobs need something to do...

So what have I heard?

  • Jeppesen will be announcing a new product to facilitate chart viewing. I guess that this will be some kind of EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), but don't know if it is a software or hardware solution. It would be ideal if Garmin's 695 and 696 could be used to run JeppView (or ChartView as Garmin call it).
  • Garmin. No firm rumours here, but historically they've used Oshkosh for announcements, so it is hard to imagine them turning up with nothing new at all. The 695/696 isn't an old product, so I would be surprised to see anything new in their portable line up.
  • Cirrus Aircraft. Again nothing heard here, but following Alan Klapmeier's announcement at M7 it will be interesting to see what is said, and whether or not he'll be working on or from the Cirrus Aircraft stand. Brent Wouter's announcement that all development dollars would be spent on the Vision SF50 jet hasn't gone down well with Cirrus owners, so perhaps they'll be able to find a few bucks for some minor updates to the SR line?
  • Several manufacturers will be talking about a new, alternative fuel, engine options. I expect this to be one of the main themes of this year's event.

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