Saturday, 4 July 2009


Apparently there aren't enough rumours in this blog, so here are a few. There will probably be some more after Oshkosh...
  1. Somewhere in the USA, probably in Kansas, there's a modified Citation Mustang. At the back you'll find the normal Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615Fs, but at the front, grafted to the nose, is a turboprop of some kind. The company could be testing a new engine for the Caravan, but there have been rumours about a high performance SET (single engine turbine) to compete presumably somewhere in the Meridian to PC-12 space rather than the utility market that that the Caravan occupies. Of course it could be even more radical, and be destined for an aeroplane that will sit just above their high performance single engine pistons.
  2. Back in the days when everyone was still pretending that the economy was booming, Rolls-Royce signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mooney. Rolls-Royce is developing the RR500, a small turbine, intended for use in smaller GA aircraft. The engine should deliver up to 480shp with the capability of producing something like 350shp continuously. I understand that Mooney was planning to develop an all-new, bigger airframe specifically for this engine.
  3. Alan Klapmeier's recent announcement at M7 is the result of a bit of a rift in Duluth. I understand that Alan and brother Dale are no longer working or playing well together.
  4. The town of Bend in Oregan is a bit quieter than it used to be since Cessna closed their factory there. Lance Neibauer, founder of Lancair is apparently working on a new aviation project. He is currently building a team and seeking finance. More news at Oshkosh perhaps?
  5. ...and finally, not really a rumour, but not widely reported either. Look out for G-FRGN in an upcoming AAIB bulletin. The Piper Dakota, Polly Vacher's around-the-world aeroplane, was badly damaged when it failed to get airborne from Polly's strip. I'm glad to say however that Polly is fine.

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