Thursday, 9 July 2009

So that's what they were thinking

There have been rumours about NATS wanting to charge for services provided to VFR flyers for years. This year there were yet more rumours, and they were being repeated by individuals not known for spreading unfounded gossip. I decided to use the Freedom of Information act to ask the Department for Transport for any documents relating to any discussions with NATS about charging for these services.

Here are the results. There's a news story in next month's Flyer

Covering letter from the DfT, including a (good) statement of intention
An email referring to an upcoming meeting
A document prepared by NATS discussing the services provided to VFR flyers and the rationale behind charging.

I think you'll find the documents, particularly the last one, of interest.

We've been offered an interview with Ian Hall, Director of Development and Investment at NATS, so if you have any questions you'd like us to put to him, drop us an email at asknats at flyermag dot co dot uk

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