Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cirrus fly in - Turweston

Well, it's 07.30, and outside the sky looks grey. I need to get to Turweston - this is Lyneham's weather. Lyneham is 10nm north of the strip, so their weather tends to be 'my' weather.

TAF EGDL 110434Z 1106/1124 19005KT 9999 BKN012 TEMPO 1106/1108 7000 -RADZ SCT004 TEMPO 1110/1113 BKN018 BECMG 1113/1116 7000 -RA BKN006 TEMPO 1114/1124 2000 RADZ SCT002 BKN004 BECMG 1120/1123 19016KT=

The weather is generally coming in from the west, so I took a look at Yeovilton's TAF to see if the Navy had a more optimistic view, in my experience their weather forecasts are pretty accurate

TAF AMD EGDY 110609Z 1106/1115 21005KT 9999 SCT008 SCT020 TEMPO 1106/1115 FEW010 SCT020 TEMPO 1106/1115 8000 -RA PROB40 TEMPO 1106/1115 3000 -DZ BKN006 BECMG 1112/1115 21010KT 6000 RA BKN008 PROB40 TEMPO 1112/1115 3000 +RA BKN007=

I don't like the bold bits, which cover the period of the flight there and back. I hate TAFs like this, because if it's a TEMPO it's tempting to think that the weather will be fine, and that the TEMPO will turn out to be nothing more than a 5 minute shower. So fly or drive?

Does anyone know where I put my car keys?

UPDATE: Well, despite last minute doubts I stuck to plan B and took the car. The weather en route wasn't great, but was definitely flyable - a few bits of brightness suggested that I'd have been able to enjoy some sunshine on top at 3,000', or make my way in decent viz under the cloud. During the day, the weather just got better and better. By Hungerford I was cursing the weather forecasters, and feeling bad for not having flown. By the time I got to Marlborough I wasn't quite sure, and by the time I got to Devizes I was very glad to have taken the car. Here's the view. This is about 2nm from the strip.

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