Monday, 6 July 2009

Will The Fighter Collection fly?

The Flying Legends airshow takes place at Duxford next Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning to fly in, meet some friends and enjoy a nice picnic in glorious sunshine while enjoying some great displays. There is however a bit of a fly in the ointment as it were. The Fighter Collection, the mainstay of Legends, has had many of its aircraft grounded by the CAA.

I'm told that following an audit of the Fighter Collection in October 2008, the CAA wasn't happy with both some modifications and the use of alternative parts and materials which, in the CAA's words, had not been properly validated. The CAA say they were also concerned by the lack of records detailing how some of the changes were accomplished.

The CAA says that for safety reasons certain aircraft are grounded until such time as the organisation can show the CAA how the work was undertaken and have completed any remedial work required.

I'm sure that the team at Duxford will put together a great event, but I'm equally sure that the groundings will have long reaching consequences.

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