Saturday, 22 August 2009

How's your Sprag clutch?

The Rotax 912S is almost certainly the world's best-selling aviation engine at the moment. It's the power plant of choice for almost every LSA in the US (Cessna's SkyCatcher is powered by Continental's O-200D) and can be found in all sorts of microlights and homebuilt aircraft. It's a four-stroke 100hp engine and has a reputation for being both highly reliable and frugal.

Recently however, I've heard of a few owners who have had to replace sprag clutches much earlier than they would like. The engine has a TBO of 1,500 hours, but some sprag clutches (used to engage the starter) have needed replacement at 150 hours.

If you are a Rotax 912S owner, drop me an email or leave a comment about your experience with the sprag clutch.

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