Friday, 28 August 2009

RNAV Approaches

There are more precision GPS approaches in the US than there are ILS approaches. There are non-precision GPS approaches all over Europe, and of course in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

In the UK, until very recently, Shoreham had the only GPS approach. Gloucester has recently been approved and Lydd is almost there, so things are moving, albeit slowly. The approaches at Gloucester and Shoreham both require an ADF as the NDB is used for the missed approach procedure. What possessed the designers or regulators to mandate the use of an archaic, unreliable navaid in a modern approach is beyond me.

It doesn't really matter if much of the rest of the aviation world thinks that we have a third-world aviation infrastructure, but if we don't do something to at least start to catch up in this, and other areas, GA's utility will be reduced even further.

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