Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some good and bad UK destinations

I was being quizzed by a non-flying friend recently. He wanted to know where pilots went in the UK, and what they did when they got there. I somehow failed to describe the eau de damp building and stale chip fat that permeates some establishments and concentrated on some of the nicer or more interesting places I've been to...

  1. Blackpool. I know, not an obvious choice, but it's so different that landing there and then walking along the seafront when the summer season is in full swing just transports you to a completely different place.
  2. Oban (photo). Situated in some of the UK's most stunning scenery Oban is well worth a visit. At one time Paul Keegan would welcome you with tea and jammy dodgers, but local political nonsense may have changed this.
  3. Compton Abbas. Great views, air/ground the way it should be done, good food and a real buzz.
  4. Bolt Head. Amazing strip perched on the cliffs of Devon. Land, park and walk into Salcombe for a bit of sophisticated (compared to Blackpool) seaside fun.
I somehow failed to mention...

  1. Lydd. Glad to say that Ms Frosty is no longer there and the welcome is, well, welcoming. Trouble is, when I tried to buy a meal (at lunchtime) the spotty yoof told us that he was on his lunch break and couldn't serve us any food!
  2. Newquay. Good ATC but expensive and a pain to use. Go to Perranporth instead.
  3. Blackpool. I know it features in the good to visit list, but just don't get stuck there on a Tuesday night in January!
  4. Alderney. Great island that's well worth a visit. Sadly it is spoilt by some of the unfriendliest ATC this side of the Urals.

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