Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Waterless wash test

...and now for something completely different. AFE recently sent through a 'onedrywash' car cleaning kit to test. Waterless cleaning systems have become very popular in areas of drought, and in some parts of the world it has been the only way that car valeters could remain in business, although I very much doubt that a hosepipe ban is on the cards for the UK this summer.

It says on the box that the system was developed to clean aircraft in the desert. Lacking anything resembling a desert I waited for the rain to stop and headed for ths strip to try out the system for a report in next month's issue of FLYER. After doing that I thought I'd try making a video of the process for this blog.

As you can see the system is simple to use: spray on, clean with supplied microfibre cloth, and then finish by polishing with another clean, dry (supplied) mf cloth. The box claims that the kit has enough fluid in it to clean seven cars, but I'd guess that there's about enough to give a dirty C182 one good clean.

I was surprised how well the system worked, even on areas of paint that are in less than perfect condition. The 'kit' costs £14.95 and consists of a bottle of cleaning fluid (each bottle saves one tonne of water apparently!), two microfibre cloths and some latex gloves. Replacement bottles of 'onedrywash' are available for £9.95. It's expensive if you are a compulsive cleaner, but if your aircraft lives in a hangar and gets two or three good cleans a year then it's well worth giving this a try.

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