Thursday, 6 August 2009

Where's Rick Shrameck?

Have you seen Rick Shrameck? During Oshkosh there were rumours that the Epic facility in Bend, Oregan had been closed down by a 'Federal agency'. The rumours were persistent so I tried to find out what was going on, but couldn't make contact with Mr Shrameck. Emails and calls continue to go unanswered.

There was an Epic stand at Oshkosh but when I went along to ask some questions I found that the stand had gone!

One Epic customer, Rich Lucibella, has recently filed a lawsuit against the company for an engine that he says they failed to deliver. According to Lucibella (via AIN) there are about twelve uncompleted airframes in the Epic building. The Epic LT is a kit aircraft that is supposedly built at the factory by the owner. Epic is currently under investigation by the FAA for allegedly exceeding the amount of building that the company does compared to that carried out by the owner.

Thanks to Airport Journal for the picture

Update: According to loal news reports the building was locked up by the landlord who also has a lien on good inside. Rick Shrameck is not repsonding to calls or emails, neither is his business partner or lawyer. More information here

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