Saturday, 5 September 2009

...and another issue is finished

This is how the office looked at 1800 last night. At the time there were a dozen or so pages of the October issue of FLYER still to go. Some were waiting to have corrections done, some had gaps waiting for pictures to be dug out of dusty digital libraries, and others were in the queue to be made into a pdf, or uploaded to the printer's server.

Things were sufficiently under control for us to break out some cold beers (courtesy of Ian Waller).

Ollie (Art Ed.) will be in later today to check the pages on the printer's server. Assuming that all is well, the plates will be made and sometime on Monday the presses will start to roll. By the time they do, we'll have already started work on the November issue.

If you are planning to fly to Sywell on Sunday, come and say hello.

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Unknown said...

The strimmer look like a fun way of shredding paper.