Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Award for Norman

I went to a BDFA committee meeting last Saturday. After the usual business (I'm discovering that committee meetings have certain similarities whatever the subject matter) we all gathered on the terrace at Lasham to enjoy a BBQ and the last of the summer wind and rain.

During this pleasant meal, Norman Tench, a BDFA Trustee was given an award in recognition of his hard work and dedication. Norman is one of those tireless people who just gets things done. He's focussed, persistent and not easily fobbed off.

One of Norman's current battles is lung cancer, and he's fighting that in the same way that he fights anything else, head on and with a huge amount of determination.

For now at least Norman's got his hands full, so he's reluctantly decided to sell his beloved aeroplane. If you're in the market for a Gardan Horizon, take a look at this example. You can bet that it has been well looked after.

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