Saturday, 12 September 2009

The doors are open

We opened the doors at 9.30.

I really don't enjoy the waking hours before the show opens. My recurring nightmare is to have a hall full of exhibitors, but through one simple mistake, such as the wrong date on a ticket or an advert, get not one single visitor. It's never happened, but I suppose we all need something to worry about from time to time.

This morning, thanks to that unrealistic concern, I was as stressed as usual, but obviously there were visitors when the doors opened. I don't yet know what the total visitor count will be; the professional pilot training market is down on last year. But the show is taking place under sunny skies - something they haven't seen in Dublin (over a weekend) for a good few weeks. Talking to the exhibitors before the show, and at the drinks reception last night, it seems that while overall enquiries are down, those making them are slightly older, and (in the main) have their financial ducks in a row.

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