Sunday, 6 September 2009

LAA Revival Rally

I went along to the LAA Revival Rally today, and I was quite impressed.

The history of the 'revival' event has been a little turbulent. The LAA was... planning to run the event, then it wasn't, then it was off, then it was on, and eventually Sywell stepped in and decided to run the event, taking the financial risk on its shoulders.

The weather was good. Yesterday, there were 500+ aircraft, mostly LAA types. There were a few stands and a bunch of interesting aircraft. The FISO (how many were there?) did a decent job, almost everyone was friendly, and it ran smoothly with the minimum of hassle.

So where now? Assuming that Sywell didn't somehow catch a big financial cold, I imagine that next year's event will be the LAA Revival plus a little bit.

Congratulations to everyone from the LAA and Sywell.

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