Friday, 11 September 2009

Marking out

Marking out the floor the day before the night before the exhibitors arrive is a strange experience. The huge spaces are often cluttered with chairs, tables and other hotel detritus, but what will (hopefully) be a heaving room in a few hours is eerily quiet. I must get myself one of those indoor radio-controlled aircraft...

The trip to Dublin (Ryanair rather than C182) worked, assuming you define working as arriving in time.

Ryanair do a good job of getting you from one airport to another at a competitive price (in this instance it was about 50% of the next lowest fare), but there's not a great deal of joy involved. I always get the feeling that Michael O'Leary's staff have their hands in my pockets when buying online - £10 for web check-in, £20 debit card charge... The airport experience is OK as far as it goes, and once on board it's efficient enough, although there are often no smiles from the cabin crew (I guess I failed to tick that cost plus option when booking).

The end result was that after three hours and five queues we were in Dublin, car hire keys in hand, which is, I suppose, what I signed up for.

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