Saturday, 26 September 2009

Missing VG

I took the C182 to Henstridge today. The DME had been taken out and sent away to be fixed and was now ready for refitting. The 121.5 ELT is being replaced by an AmeriKing 406Mhz box, and the wings - black with dirt thanks to being parked near a train line used by diesel-powered freight trains for a few weeks - needed a bloody good wash.

Henstridge is a happening place these days with new hangars and both of the larger buildings now being completed. I parked next to my maintenance hangar and was kindly lent a water supply, electricity and a power washer. The wings were so dirty that it took ages to get them even vaguely clean. The paint, thanks to being exposed to sunlight and other elements is in poor shape. I fear a respray will be needed in the next year or so. While washing the aeroplane, I also noticed that one of my VGs has gone missing, not entirely sure how, but the job has been added to the To Do list. (The STC approval for the VGs states that the aeroplane can be flown with up to 5 VGs missing.) Justin (top A&p and IA) gave me a lift back to the strip and my car in the C182 - during the short flight it became obvious that the DME repair hadn't resulted in a functioning DME, so something else to sort out.

Hey ho, the fun of ownership.
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