Friday, 4 September 2009

More Part M woes on the way?

I was talking to an aeroplane operator today. His maintenance organisation has just told him that his fixed-pitch propeller has to be sent away for an overhaul.

According to his engineer, the CAA has told its surveyors to ensure that propeller time-in-service limits are strictly adhered to. It's an area on which they'll be focusing apparently.

Neither of us is 100% sure the information that's been passed on is correct, so I'll be contacting the CAA early next week to do a little digging.

While I'm talking about Part M and its associated ARCs and controlled (or uncontrolled) environments, I have to say that I'm hearing a lot of complaints from owners about repeatedly high maintenance bills as a result of the changes. Time for a bit of a survey I think.

If you know anything about the prop. situation, or if you are 'enjoying' unusually high invoices as a result of Part M, please leave a comment, or send me an email if you prefer.


Anonymous said...

According to Jim Mckenna of CAA Gatwick,(only A/D items are mandatory & all other lifed component times are regarded as recommended for litigation purposes, and are not legally enforceable.)paragraph precis'd.
Our local surveyor says that any diversion from lifed component replacement/overhaul must be agreed between the operator & the part G & should justify any extension of overhaul periods such as propellors

Ian Seager said...

Interesting, I'll have a chat with the CAA on Tuesday.