Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Norwich joins Strasser scheme

As a result of the following from CAP 667

“There were a number of fatal accidents where a timely diversion or precautionary landing could have avoided an accident. In the UK there is a ‘culture’ of pressing on and hoping for the best rather than accepting the inconvenience and cost of a diversion. This ‘culture’ needs to be changed, firstly by educating pilots and secondly by persuading Aerodrome owners that there should be no charge for emergency landings or diversions. It is recommended that all Aerodrome owners be persuaded to adopt a policy that there should be no charges for emergency landings or diversions by General Aviation aircraft.”

Charles Strasser, AOPA rep for the CI launched a project to get airfields to comply. Norwich recently became the 203rd airfield to join (although some see that as a cynical move to go along with their requested airspace grab).

The scheme applies to all unplanned diversions (i.e. it doesn't apply to flight-planned alternates), and in theory at least removes any financial consideration from the diversion decision.

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