Monday, 28 September 2009

United States of Europe

I am used to finding this kind of thing in the USA, but this web site is aimed at the European market.

EuroFPL was launched by Travis Holland as a solution to the endless nights he spent in Iceland trying to get routes accepted to airports in Europe. As his hours available for sleeping were robbed by battles with CFMU's deep thought routing computer, Travis yearned for something like that would show acceptable and validated routes... and so in March 2009 the Eurofpl project was launched. It is currently supported as a public service of Holland Aero. The basic flight plan filing, route catalogue and weather briefing services will always be free. Premium subscribers ($EU100/yr) will have access to SMS service, JAR-OPS certified wx services, flight notifications, and other value added services.

Current features include: Route catalogue with search capabilities, built-in validation, guaranteed ACK within one minute of filing, RTEPOINTS from CFMU delivered via email, CTOT delivered via email, support for DLA and CNL from Blackberry or iPhone and the ability to send ARR from Blackberry or iPhone when landing at uncontrolled fields.

There are loads of other bits and pieces including internet-based live route tracking. Quite frankly it's a bloody great little website that makes European IFR flying that little bit easier.

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