Friday, 9 October 2009

Good news, bad news

I popped in to Henstridge today to see how Justin is getting on with the aeroplane.

Good news...
- New, fixed, 406MHz ELT is now in and working
- GNS530 is now a GNS530W and is in and working
- Justin has found the leak that's responsible for keeping the carpet in the luggage area wet.

Bad news...
- I saw the part for an AD (or was it SB?) that needed doing. Something to do with a resistor or something near the starter solenoid. It's a small, thin wire that looks like it would cost about 5p to produce. I'm assured that the part costs more!
- The interior is out again. I'm sure you can only take them in and out a limited number of times before they turn to dust!

Still, at least it'll be in the hangar for less time than the Miles Gemini that's there too... it's quite hard to type with your fingers crossed.

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