Sunday, 25 October 2009

SATSair becomes latest victim

...and the economy takes its toll on another aviation company. SATSair is (or was) a South Carolina based on demand charter company. SATSair was a little different though - instead of the usual mix of King Airs or Ciatations SATSair exclusively used Cirrus SR22s. The company originally ordered 50 aircraft with options on another 50, although in the last few weeks only eight airframes were being operated, with others with time expired engines and others sold on.

Both the on demand and fractional markets have been heavily hit by both the economy and the PR disaster that was the big three auto companies climbing out of their bizjets in Washington with begging bowls in hand. NetJets, the world's biggest and best-known fractional operator has seen a significant drop in flight hours while DayJet, a Florida based on demand air taxi operator using Eclipse 500 aircraft went out of business last year.

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Anonymous said...

ImagineAir is another founding member of Air Taxi Association and recently have worked closely with SatsAir. They operate SR-22 GTSs in the Southeast and is ramping up the services to accommodate the SatsAir customers still looking to travel to their destinations in a Cirrus in the Southeast. Visit or call 877-FLY-IAIA (877-359-4242)