Monday, 30 March 2009

Smooth air at 8000'

Yesterday's weather was interesting to say the least. Unlimited visibility, a fair amount of cloud (with gaps), but winds gusting to 35kt.

We needed to do an air-to-air shoot of a Cessna Cardinal and flew to its home base, Denham, to meet the owner and get the shoot done. Before I go on, I need to mention a couple of good things about Denham.

1. It has the cheapest fuel in the UK at £1.15 inc VAT
2. The new northside cafe is open and, in my opinion, has it just about right for an airfield. Good, simple food, decent prices, nice surroundings and friendly service.

Right, back to the shoot - as it happens staying low was making life way too difficult in the turbulence so we climbed on top, opened the window and started shooting. We ended up at 8000' over Salisbury Plain after we'd checked with Lyneham to make sure that it was inactive. Not only was the air up here very smooth but the light was much beter with reflections from the undercast lighting the underside of the aeroplane like a studio reflector.

The only problem, discovered when it was too late, is that the Cardinal's back-seat passenger is in almost every picture pointing his camera at my C182 - a bit of a 'no no' from an aestheitic point of view.