Saturday, 9 May 2009

Reds beat Cardinals

I love going to the US. On a recent trip I was lucky enough to be taken to a baseball match between the Cincinnati Reds and the St Louis Cardinals. I can't claim to have understood the game, but the atmosphere was great, and everyone in the crowd friendly, regardless of who they were supporting.
Throughout the game (I believe that there are three innings in a game) sellers walked through the crowd offering beer, peanuts and candyfloss. The weather wasn't fantastic, so we left halfway through and made our way to The Boathouse, one of America's biggest independent restaurants, for beer, ribs and shrimp. The next day I took a flight down the Ohio river in an Aztec, checked out a great home complete with hangar and TV studio, rode around on a quad bike and worked my way through a couple of dozen rounds of amunition with a Glock. Long live the USA.