Monday, 22 February 2010

Ah, the joy of a Cub…

I've only ever flown two Piper Cubs (I think). One was on floats at Jack Brown's Seaplane Base, and I can remember it being a lot of fun. The other a couple of years ago was a Super Cub in France. I expected it to be as brilliant as everyone said it would be, but, to be blunt it was one of the worst-handling aeroplanes that I've flown.

I've taken a bit of stick since then. It seems that criticising a Cub is a bit like telling someone that their daughter is ugly, and perhaps my view was influenced by the praise heaped on the Cub by others.

Anyway, I got an email a day or so ago announcing a fly-in to Southern Sweden that's going to honour the Cub.

The event takes place between 2nd and 4th July - I might even go if I can find a Cub to borrow, perhaps I ought to give it another chance?

Here's the press release in full…

This year we'll celebrate Cubs of all kinds! It's 80 years since the E-2 flew and 75 years since the J-2 flew for the first time. Because of this, Cub owners in several European countries will receive a special fly-in invitation by mail.

This year's South Swedish Vintage Fly-in takes place the first weekend of June with the airshow during Saturday. Final schedule is still to be announced but previously the airshow included Spitfire, Mustang, T-28 and several types of aerobatic displays.
The South Swedish Vintage Fly-in 2009 established a new visitors record and in 2010 we are preparing for even more flying guests and spectators. Eslöv (ESME) is located in the very south of Sweden making it easily accessible for north-European pilots.
For more info please visit for updates. Or Matts Behrens +46 - 734 120 392 (media) or Sten Svensson +46 - 705 547 000 (event)
South Swedish Vintage Fly-in in is arranged in co-operation with the Municipality of Eslöv.

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