Saturday, 20 February 2010

KY Jelly sales in USA set to grow?

Three things happened last week.

The first was a tragic accident. A Cessna 310 crashed just after departure in Palo Alto, California. The three poeple on board, all senior employees of the electric car company Tesla, were killed. The accident took out the power supply to the town for a while and that resulted in a lot of media coverage, most of which was written by people who don't understand aviation, here's one small example.

The second incident involved Joe Stack, a software developer who had reportedly been battling with the IRS. Stack apparently objected to the tax status of the Catholic Church and had been fighting his corner for the last 30 years. Stack apparently set fire to his house (with his wife and daughter inside) before heading to the airport. He then flew his PA28-236 (Piper Dakota) into the IRS building, starting a huge fire, killing himself and one worker inside. This is a recording of Stack's r/tT on the day.

The third incident happened when 23-year-old Skye Turner, who has a lapsed student pilot certificate, stole a Cirrus SR22 from Montgomery Field San Diego. He flew to Palm Springs, took on some fuel, and took off again. His flight ended when he landed at Los Angeles International (yup, LAX) at 3am yesterday. He was arrested.

As you can imagine, these incidents have been widely covered in the US media. They are being widely debated by pilots, the public, politicians and various US Government agencies. As one US pilot put it: "Brace yourselves, I think we're all about to get screwed."

Let's hope not.

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