Friday, 19 February 2010

Only varieties of bad...

I've taken a slightly more in depth look at the GAMA figures. A quick comparison with 2008 (which in itself was significantly worse than 2007) reveals the manufacturers who have seen big declines and those that have seen enormous declines.

Cessna maintains its position at the head of the delivery table with 355 deliveries (down 52% on 2008) while the Cirrus SR22 remains the world's best-selling piston aircraft with 240 delivered (down 44% on 2008). Mooney, Maule and Piper saw the largest declines with 71% 75% and 72% respectively, while Diamond, Gippsland and Hawker Beechcraft saw the smallest drop with 'only' 47%, 42% and 48% respectively.

So there you go - it's been ugly out there and it is too early to tell if 2010 is going to be any better. Most conservative insiders are hoping that the decline has stopped and that we've reached the bottom.

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