Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rough (wet) diamond

The drive to Henstridge was February grim. Low clouds, grey skies, horizontal wet snow and lots of puddles full of brown, muddy water. The runway was quiet, but there was lots of actvity in the hangars - spanners, pliers, air tools and rags all working hard. There's some (justifiably) big bills heading someone's way...

Although there was no flying, there was plenty of evidence of ongoing development. All of the hangars on the airfield are new, one of the large hangars north of the taxiway has been completed and the other is well on the way. The Air Ambulance crew look to be enjoying their modern, purpose-built facility and work on the new (much needed) clubhouse appears to have started. The field is home to a new maintenance organisation, the Yakovlevs display team and I believe that a new helicopter company is also on site.

It's great to see a GA facility that is adding to its facilities and infrastructure, and although Henstridge still has a few rough edges (or more precisely access roads) it's really good to see things moving forwards.

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