Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's been six months

Hard to believe, but the C182 hasn't been flown for six months. It went in for a little work last September, by the time that had been sorted I was away in the US, and when I got back the short days, bad weather and workload conspired to keep the aeroplane on the ground. This year started with three-and-a-bit weeks away, then some more bad weather, etc.

Eventually, I ignored the demands of work for a couple of hours, gave it a thorough pre-flight, carefully sumped the tanks and started the engine. It was a close run thing, but after six months of sitting idle through rain, snow, wind and cold the battery persuaded the engine to turn through a few blades and it fired, although I was on the verge of reaching for the external battery when it did.

It's tough to explain how good it felt. The C182 doesn't just feel like an old friend, she is an old friend. We've shared all sorts of experiences, from skimming glaciers in the alps to loafing along airways in Russia - and this short flight sort of reunited the partnership.

April and May will be busy at work, but I'm determined to spend some time with a very good friend.

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