Monday, 22 March 2010

That special smile

I popped into Compton Abbas late Sunday afternoon, it was a short flight from Henstridge and I was glad to find the circuit fairly quiet - one departing, one PA28 waiting to depart and me and a couple of others in the circuit to land.

There was a bit of a crowd outside, all of them taking an interest in the PA28 which by now was in the circuit. It was being flown by Emma Hughes who, along with her mum, dad and sister, run Compton Abbas. Emma obviously did OK, because after a short time her instructor climbed out and sent her solo. Emma's dad, Clive, watched closely and her mum busied herself with pretending that it wasn't happening, but Emma did well and was still beaming when I left half-an-hour or so after she'd landed.

Nice one Emma.
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