Monday, 12 April 2010

Aero's over for this year

The organisers deserve to be sipping champagne tonight. The show that took place every other year has been successfully transformed into an annual event. Yes, there were a few people who moaned about a lack of visitors (only really evident on Thursday) and the organisers had to do a little creative planning to ensure that the show looked full when some exhibitors were cutting back on space (no big stand from Cessna, Cirrus only exhibited outside etc.), but given that aviation is suffering under the weight of a major recession it was pretty bloody impressive.

There are three main areas, the A halls, B halls and the static. The As tend to be full of the traditional manufacturers while the Bs are full of the lighter end of General Aviation. The big boys didn't have a lot to show, and there were all sorts of funky aeroplanes in the Bs - including a microlight with an inflatable wing and several electric powerplants.

To sum up: Tecnam had a particularly impressive stand, Cessna didn't. Electric power is coming, but isn't here yet. The two-seat wonder machines continue to impress, and to get more expensive.

See you there next year.
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