Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flying at last

The strip's dry, the weather's good and a start pack is helping with the alternator issues until I get chance to get the new one fitted.

I'm happy to say that the C182's wings still remember how to fly and Mr Garmin still knows how to navigate. I popped over to North Weald for a meeting and then picked up strip owner Nigel after he had taken his RV-8 to Chavenage for his Permit renewal.

It's bloody good to be flying again, and if I wasn't heading for Holland this weekend I'd be heading for the skies again.


Daniel said...

Holland via the skies, Ian!

Ian Seager said...

Yup, you are right I should be flying but I'm taking Easyjet. Partly because I wasn't sure my alternator issues would be resolved and partly because my destination - Eindhoven - are not at all GA friendly.