Thursday, 29 April 2010

I've been unfaithful (to GA)

I recently went to Germany on business. As soon as I found out where I was heading, I drew a line on a map and looked at the numbers. The return flight would take between seven and eight hours, and seven or eight hours means about £575 in fuel costs alone.

I checked commercial flights and found that Ryanair flew to the exact same airport, and that I could get a flight for £150 including taxes, checking in fee, credit card fee and basic being alive fee. Add in a generous £75 for petrol for the car and another £18 for parking, and the airline alternative worked out at about half price.

I'm sad to say that in a moment of weakness I booked the flight and subjected myself to Ryanair's service. As it happened there were only two things that made the flight unpleasant - firstly the other passengers, or more accurately their desire to stampede the check-in desk as soon as someone in a blue uniform made their way towards the gate, and that stupid bloody music that they play whenever a flight arrives on time.

Having been unfaithful, I'm now suffering from feelings of guilt. I may have saved some money but I certainly didn't save any time - and even though the Ryanair experience wasn't at all bad, it certainly wasn't anywhere near as good as the Cessna experience.
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