Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's the doughnuts

Yesterday was a good flying day. The weather was fantastic. the aeroplane performed well, but most of all - I took some non-pilots flying. One of them was a very nervous flyer who had never been in a GA aeroplane.

I find that kind of thing hugely rewarding and try hard to make the experience as enjoyable as I can. On this occasion, it was the turbulence that was causing the anxiety. I talked though the basics of thermal formation, explaining that the rising bubble of air might look a little like a doughnut if we could see it. My (nervous but relaxing) passenger did a really good job of flying us around, only tensing a little on the controls whenever we passed through a 'doughnut', she also did a really good job of spotting the multiple gliders. I find that actively involving previously nervous people in the flight by allowing them to take the controls and to help with lookout really helps.

When we landed a couple of people asked her how she had got on. I'm not sure what they thought when she replied that it was great, as long as we avoided the doughnuts.

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