Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Skycatcher facts

So from everything you've read, what do you know about the Skycatcher. Until recently, I knew that they'd taken orders for over 1,000, that deliveries had started, and that they were being built in China.

Then Cessna wrote to position holders advising them of delays of up to six months. There were rumours of longer delays and questions over the delivery numbers. I asked Cessna and this is what I've been told…

1. Cessna has so far delivered one Skycatcher (this has been delivered to Rose Pelton, wife of Cessna CEO Jack Pelton)
2. There are four more due to be delivered in May, and another four on the way.
3. Two more are being loaded this week (I assume this means into shipping containers in China).
4. Shenyang, Cessna's Chinese partner, has announced plans to build a dedicated Skycatcher factory, this should be up and running next year.

I must admit, I'd kind of assumed that, like Diamond, Cessna had already built a factory in a joint venture in China. I'd also assumed that the factory in China would be churning out Skycatchers at a far higher rate, notwithstanding the modifications being made following the testing spins.

It looks like it will be a while before Cessna delivers any to the UK, which will at least give EASA an opportunity to sort out the CS-LSA regulations.

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