Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wing walking

I popped into Rendcomb this morning for the launch of the Breitling wing-walking team. This is the pair of Stearmans run by Vic Norman's AeroSuperbatics. Years ago they were the Crunchies, then the Utterly Butterly girls, then Guinot and now Breitling. You haver to give it to Vic Norman, not only does he put on an impressive display, but he knows how to sign up a major sponsor, something that must be harder than a low-level formation display these days.

I'd never been to Rendcomb before, so I was happy when they said that I could fly in for the event. It's a brilliant set-up, with cars, aeroplanes, motorbikes and lots and lots of attention to detail. Sadly (for us) it is also a pretty private place and not somewhere available for general use.

The Stearman two ship put on a bloody good show, let's hope that they have a good season and that it works well for everyone involved, including Breitling.

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