Monday, 10 May 2010

1st quarter GAMA numbers

The numbers are out, and although piston shipments are down 7% on the same period last year the rate of decline is reducing - as GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association) say 'DECLINE IN GA SHIPMENTS SLOWS IN FIRST QUARTER' an interestingly positive slant on some depressing numbers.

Cessna sold more Citation Mustangs (21) than they did C172s (13), but in the whole of the first quarter only sold 1 Corvalis TT compared to the 47 SR22s that were sold by Cirrus Aircraft. Piper's Matrix continues to be its single best seller with seven sales, and the PA46 line sold a total of 14, just under half of their entire production. Hawker Beechcraft may have only sold one Bonanza, but four people bought a Baron. Diamond saw a 28% drop in sales, with the DA40 being their biggest faller.

Q1 is traditionally the quietest time of the year for deliveries, so fingers crossed that things start to pick up.

The full report will be available on GAMA's website

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