Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TCM and SMA get engaged

Teledyne Continental held a press day today - sadly it was in Mobile, Alabama, a bit far from Bath, but the news is spreading fast. TCM has signed a deal with a European diesel engine manufacturer. The engine concerned is a four-cylinder, four-stroke, direct-drive engine. Apparently TCM aren't willing to name the manufacturer, but anyone with enough of a brain to be able to breath without life support can figure out that it is SMA's 230hp engine.

This is very good news indeed. Until someone invents and certifies a low-cost turbine, diesel engines are the way forward, but OEMs and end-users are a conservative bunch, so getting a big GA name behind the brand will work wonders.

My bet is that within a year or so we'll be seeing this engine in several airframes. Cirrus, Maule, Cessna and Piper must all be contenders. My bet is that Cirrus will get there first.

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